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At Cameron Family Chiropractic we believe that all healing is the expression of life from the inside-out and that you were created to be whole and healthy throughout your lifetime.

We seek to empower people and transform lives by working with our patients to restore and enhance their health through improved biomechanics, neural efficiency and integrity. Looking beyond the symptoms, we seek to find the cause and then help correct it; we do this by removing the blockages or interference in the expression of health and by increasing the patient's body awareness and connection.

We believe that health extends beyond the absence of symptoms, disease, or infirmity and seek to provide our patients with the tools they need to realize their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Every day at Cameron Family Chiropractic, we partner with people to help them live healthier, more productive and active lives.

We invite you to explore an elevated level of health and well-being with us by booking a consultation and examination with one of our doctors


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When coming to Cameron Family Chiropractic for the first time, you can expect:

  1. Your very first visit to our clinic will be an in-depth discovery process to determine the known and un-known source of your current and previous health concerns. You will have a deeper understanding of the impacts and stresses that are affecting you and your current health. When you enter the office, you will be greeted by our personable staff and complete a detailed health history with one of our exam specialists.You will then experience a thorough spinal examination. This will determine any abnormal alignment and motion patterns and how these could be detrimentally affecting your central and peripheral nervous systems and subsequent organ function. If any further imaging studies are necessary, they will be performed at this time.

  2. After the examination, and if Dr. Cameron determines you are a good candidate for Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) chiropractic care, they will then arrange for your next visit, which is the Doctors Report. At the Doctors Report, Dr. Cameron will give a detailed overview of how Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic care works as well as the evidence supporting the specialized work that they do. This takes place in a small group setting with other new patients. Dr. Cameron will privately review the results of your examination and any x-rays (if taken) with you, as well as your personalized care recommendations for your specific case; this will include the frequency of visits, duration of care, and cost.

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